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Thousands of lakes! Come join us for the best vacation of your life!

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Behind Our Pontoon And Ski Boats

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Why look from the shore when this is where the action is?

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Swim, Fish, Ski, Tube, Cruise, Paddle-board


Pontoon & Ski Boat Rentals will have (2) empty 5 gallon gas cans added at checkout for $10. Fishing Boat Rentals will have (1) can added at checkout for $5. You may order additional cans at $5 each at checkout. Use only our cans in rentals. No credit will be given for gas left in cans, please put in boat or your car.

Delivered to your lake!

We deliver to Maine lakes! Tell us when you book your pontoon, ski boat, or fishing boat what lake you’re going to be on and we’ll take care of getting it to your public boat launch. Self-tow available on many boats.

Safety first +

Before you head out we’ll show you all the features the boat has, how to work it safely, and what to do in an emergency. We provide free demo rides if you have the need! 

about us?

We are the Rhoades’ family with 8 generations in Maine. We are flexible, professional, and here to make your vacation into lasting memories. We aim to deliver your boat promptly.

Season Rules: 2024 Reservations open online Jan 1st!

  • WE ARE OPEN!!! 2023 SEASON IS MAY 15 –  SEPTEMBER 30, Year-Round Office Hrs 9AM  –  4:00PM Mon-Fri. Deliveries are 7 days a week.
  • RESERVATIONS START JANUARY 1ST EVERY YEAR: Can’t find a boat? That’s because you can reserve as early as January 1st every year.
  • MINIMUM RENTAL DAYS:  Boats are each labeled with their minimums.  If less days are open between existing reservations, please call in your request –only available within 25 miles of 1117 China Rd, Winslow, ME, 04901. Please note we only offer MINIMUM RENTAL DAY pricing online, even if choosing less days (each calendar day is a rental day–not a 24 hr period). MAKE SURE TO CHOOSE LENGTH OF RENTAL, NOT ONLY START DATE. GREEN DENOTES AVAILABLE FOR THAT DAY.
  • Read “Agreement” in footer prior to reserving.
  • Security is required by check for first time renters at launch (checks will be deposited) plus credit card on file. All security monies and credit card on file must be under renter’s name that signs agreement at reservation time and dropoff. Securities issued under other names will become co-renters and must also be present at boat launch. Security is to secure the reservation and boat, and will be held during rental period and is refundable with completed reservations less gas refill, surcharges, and any damages. Security is separate from rental amount due and is returned by mail to your billing address post-inspection. Drivers cannot return security upon vessel return.
  • Security for repeat renters in good standing is credit card on file only.
  • Cancellations: If cancelling within 2 days of making reservation, cancellation fee is full rental amount less 10% for admin/merchant fees. Rental amount is 50% non-refundable if over 45 days from original or earliest start date, and non-refundable 45 days and under from original or earliest start date.  If using card pre-authorization as security, the card will be charged the full rental amount upon cancellation. MBR reserves the right to cancel order or raise security amount required. $50 Change fee applies to all boat changes and date changes. MBR will use earliest reservation dates to determine cancellation fees.
  • AT DROPOFF AND PICKUP, Renter or Co-Renter must be present, at least 25 years old with valid ID, complete Agreement, providing a major credit card for any costs exceeding vessel security.
  • Your boat will not be launched without security.
  • Launches listed in ‘Delivery Pricing’ incorporate known expenses as of Jan 1st for 2 round trips to your launch, and includes pickup of vessel. Known expenses have tolls, state launch fees, labor adjustments due to lake location. ‘Delivery Pricing’ button is in footer of each page and may have an added ‘Delivery Surcharge’ to adjust for gas price increases from Jan 1st posting.
  • Vessel Gas refills and Delivery Surcharge (if applicable) are paid post-rental by credit card on file or security. Deliveries this year are based on 3.30/gal, gas price fluctuations over 3.30/gal will determine delivery surcharge.

YARD ADDRESS, Meet Location for Self-Tow Boats  and/or SUP Pickups:


Experience Maine

Find Maine Things To Do with Experience Maine View our Listing on Experience Maine.

Before Arriving: Bring to Launch

  • ARRIVE ON TIME AND AT THE RIGHT LAUNCH. Late fee is $100/hr or partial hour starting at 15 minutes, no exceptions. Due to driver’s tight and demanding schedule, this is non-negotiable.
  • RENTAL START TIMES are “preferred times” subject to schedule.
  • RENTAL RETURN TIMES are between 3-6pm. Lead driver will call during your rental to set return time subject to schedule.
  • AS A CONDITION OF YOUR RENTAL, YOU MUST BE FLEXIBLE FOR START AND RETURN TIMES WITH CELL SERVICE AND VOICEMAIL ABLE TO RECEIVE MESSAGES FOR SCHEDULING AND TIME-SENSITIVE COMMUNICATIONS. To change your time, re-schedule with Office at 207.313.6248 by phone 9am – 4pm, not thru Drivers. Texts/messages/emails/voicemails sent to Office the evening before your scheduled time will not be heard until following business day between 9-4 Mon-Fri.
  • Renters must also follow safety and boat instruction given at launch and prepare before arrival by accessing RENTALBOATSAFETY.COM,  reading the Maine Boaters Handbook, and Coast Guard Checklists: PontoonsSki BoatsTiller-Steered Fishing or Wheel Steered Fishing Boats.  A free demo ride is available upon request for deliveries!
  • Maine Boat Rental is not responsible for loss of use due to weather or renter error. Renters to familiarize before renting to their lake, provide safe boat dock or mooring for rental duration, know lake and it’s restrictions, laws, boating.
  • RETURN BOAT CLEANED. No dogs on boats, staining lotions or bronzers nor docking under sapping trees. Clay dirt, tree & lake debri, food & beverages, along with unwashed new fabrics will always stain seats and flooring and result in cleaning fees and/or upholstery replacement. Protect and maintain a clean boat.
  • MANDATORY. All boat drivers must attend ‘boat & safety review’ at launch. We practice social distancing, but require anyone who is driving your rental to attend.
  • Know your lake, No damage! Lake depths rise and fall. Before renting, view your lowest depths at the public launch, at your dock, throughout lake. Our vessels require 3′ of clear water to navigate, weed and rock free.

Regarding Tipping:

Have you ever had great service lasting longer than 1/2 day? Well, our drivers do way more! Here’s the process:
Normal tipping is at launch.

  • Driver’s start your vacation by foregoing their Summer and Weekends, frequently arriving at our yard at 4am depending upon your lake location.
  • At the yard, they prepare and secure your rental for the road with your selected life jackets, safety gear, loading add-ons such as tubes and skis, paperwork.
  • Drivers travel hours before & after each leg of trip under tight schedules to accomodate vacation plans.
  • When arriving at launch your driver will wipe down your boat from it’s trip and call or text you to let you know they’ve arrived if you aren’t there, then begin to prepare boat to launch.
  • Upon launching boat, a 20 minute boat and safety review is given to your designated drivers (demo rides upon request), and final paperwork is completed.
  • All gear and using the vessel is reviewed for your safety as well as docking the vessel. Each driver will spend as much time as needed so you are comfortable with the vessel.
  • You may have 2 different drivers: 1 for dropoff and another for pickup, depending upon scheduling. 
  • We champion our drivers for giving up their Summer with long hours in service to vacationers. Please show your appreciation! Tipping is optional, usually between $40 to $200 depending upon your stay as an educational benefit. Our driver’s are aiming to please.

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